All Terrain Wheelchair (Atw)

The All Terrain Wheelchair (ATW) is a hybrid wheelchair designed to match the complexities of modern life. Based on an active, rigid, 4 wheeled wheelchair; the ATW provides you with a sleek and stylish look coupled with great performance and good adjustability. This wheelchair is the ultimate 3-wheeled off-road wheelchair. The longer third wheel extends the chair’s wheel base, making it easier to navigate rough terrain. The 8×2″ castor prevents this third wheel from being caught in small spaces. While the wheel base is longer, the overall length of the chair doesn’t exceed that of a standard wheelchair. The ATW can be transported easily on the user’s lap, if using public transport. or in the boot. The rear wheels are removed easily using the gold button on the quick release axles, the back rest is folded forwards.



Rigid frame means extra strength
3 wheels are ideal for negotiating rough terrain.
Long wheel base takes your weight off the castors allowing easy maneuvering over rough terrain
Tension adjustable and height adjustable backrest

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