Bodymap A Cushion

Looking for a mouldable cushion to accommodate your unique seating posture? Look no further. This cushion uses a vacuum method, whereby air is removed from the cushion using a pump and it hardens into the desired shape. The moulding of the cushion can be easily modified by allowing air back into the cushion and restarting the moulding process. This feature allows for serial moulding, making this cushion ideal for children and adults, whose positioning needs may change over time.

This seat cushion can be moulded into a unique structure to fit an individual and their anatomical needs. It helps to stabilise and support an individual’s hips while seated, allowing them engage freely with their environment. It is also possible to mould an abduction wedge to help keep the lower limbs aligned. The shape of the cushion can be adjusted easily if necessary.


Moulded to an individual’s specifications
Available in 10″ – 20″ seat width
Outer neoprene cover which is waterproof
Allows for serial moulding to occur
Allows pressure distribution along the full seated surface
Self-adhesive bottom layer which can attach to a variety of seated surfaces.

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