Jay Lite

The Jay Lite is an ultra-lightweight, low maintenance cushion designed for an individual with a low risk of skin breakdown. It consists of a firm, pre-contoured foam base with an Opitwell pelvic loading area (PLA). The foam base is contoured and rigid, providing a great, firm base of support for the pelvis and lower extremities. The base also has multiple holes in it to allow for airflow. This facilitates an active lifestyle as the heat and moisture can be managed adequately. The base design is further enhanced by the airflow that can be achieved through the microclimatic cover.

At a height of 8.6cm, the Jay Lite cushion is practical for any active user. It is also an appropriate cushion for an individual who is at risk of skin breakdown and needs an ultra-light cushion.



Ultra lightweight – 0.75kg

Low maintenance

Washable with soap and water

Cushion Height of 8.6cm

Max User Weight of 110kgs

Contoured, firm foam base to provide optimal pelvic positioning

Optiwell Pelvic Loading Area (PLA) positioned at the back of the cushion to provide pressure relief.

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