Roho Toilet Seat Cushion

The Roho Toilet Seat Cushion is designed to fit over a standard-sized toilet and bed-side commode. It attaches easily and minimises the risk of tissue breakdown. It has two different cell heights, 5.5cm and 2.5cm, for optimum stability and pressure care.

The Roho Toilet Seat Cushion Cells are made from impermeable, anti-static, flame resistant neoprene (no latex). This allows the cushion to be cleaned easily be with soap and water and increases its durability. A user’s bladder and bowel routine can result in a significant amount of time spent on a hard surface of a toilet/commode. This is when your skin is most at risk for breakdown. Roho has used its dry floatation technology in developing in this Toilet Seat for such high risk circumstances.



Easily secures to toilet seat

Flame resistant, impermeable Neoprene (no Latex)


5.5cm cell height on outside

2.5cm cell height on inside

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