Shower Chair With Flip-Up Armrests

A shower chair is a great assistive aid. It enables anyone who has decreased balance, physical strength and/or mobility difficulties to shower safely and independently by providing a stable surface. The unique feature of this shower chair are its sturdy, flip-up armrests. They are ideally designed to provide much needed support whilst seated, but can be easily flipped backwards when transferring out of the shower chair.

This lightweight aluminium shower chair also has a flat, grooved textured seat with small drainage holes and a mildly contoured front edge. This allows for a more resistant, comfort surface, preventing you from slipping off the seat. Its height adjustable legs, provides an adjustable seat height that fits your functional needs.



Lightweight aluminium frame
Height adjustable legs from 410mm to 510mm
Non-slip ferrules
Backrest with handle
Flip back armrests
Reinforced under seat

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