Assisted Living

Assisted living devices designed to respond to individuals who need assistance with normal daily activities in a way that promotes maximum independence.


Devices for general daily tasks: food prep stations, eating utensils, drinking cups, can openers & other kitchen solutions.

Bathroom & Hygiene

Bath brushes & sponges, commode liners, grab rails, tap turners, nail clippers & more bathroom assist devices.


Solutions for life’s daily challenges: Sock aids, shoehorns, elastic shoe lacers, button hocks, bra angel & other bedroom assistive devices.

Incontinence Products

All major brands of pants, pads, linen savers & wipes. Creams, gloves, masks, PPE & other health care products.

Other Products

More assistive devices for general daily tasks, including, cutting, reading & writing, gardening and more.

Product Rentals

Rentals of beds, mobility aids, bath/shower aids & more. Enquire for availability.

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